Automotive Car Render for a client designing their own custom 5K VR glasses.
Old photo scanned nazi bunker in nature. (UE4)
BMW Realtime visualization
Underground Mine Tunnel
Garage in Unreal Engine 4
In-game menu.
Concept in a subway for interactive screens, mix of photo and 3D.
Bar lighting and design concept.
Display wall, sensisitive to people\'s location.
BMW Realtime visualization
Projection mapping on a scultupre of a head in a park.
Underground Atmophere, UE4
Stage Concept Render and Design
BMW VR Visualization
Philips projection mapping with kinect and human interaction
BMW Realtime visualization
Underground Atmo, UE4
Room with \
Mini Visuazization, UE4
BMW Realtime visualization
Car interactable interior.
A bar concept and render, San Francisco
Realtime projection mapping on a sculpture of a head in a park.
Corridor Atmosphere, UE4
Facebook F8 Realtime Projection
Character Walk, Underground, UE4
Facebook F8 Realtime Projection
Facebook F8 Realtime Projection
Previous job for Madrone Studios, SF - Instagram Wall in Hong Kong.
Philips with kinect interaction. Previous job work.
Mini Visuazlization, UE4
Photogrammetry and Animation Workflow
Stage Render, For 969 Venue, San Francisco
BMW NAC Projection using Unreal Engine 4 as animation tool.
Clothes for one of the main protagonists.
Wheel Detail
Corridor, UE4
Tow down tunnel