Play as a totalitarian prisoner that has to escape from a working camp.

Escape from soviet working camp aka Gulag

Find one of many ways to escape

There are many locations in the game. From an abandoned factory, to a civil small town, a hunting village and mines. Your quest is to explore them and find information leading to one of many ways to escape. There’re a few secret ways to escape. It depends on you which one you discover.

Explore social system in Gulag and make hard moral decisions

You need to know people to survive in tough prison. Loners are an easy pray for others. Social interaction is important game mechanic in our game. You can help prisoners, bribe guards, fool and rob other characters. Your moral standards drive your destiny.

Atmospheric stealth

You can reveal escape plans by exploring camp and distant environments. Being silent and unseen is a key to success. Few game mechanics will help you: drug watchdogs, drunk guards, finding interactive elements which attract attention of guards etc.

You are just ordinary guy, not a superhero

You are vulnerable, fragile and weak. Like many other prisoners in working camp, you are not superhero, but you have inner strength. You can’t defeat system but you can find its weaknesses.