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Our actual project

Projetc name „lost expeditions“

our team?

Pavel Nečas

world engineer / game designer

5+ years experience in Unreal Engine. He always has been an avid gamer. Started his career in an event content production about ten years ago, building creative solutions for new problems, pushing the technological boundaries. Building a game is the best way to use all his multiple skills and create something bigger.

Michal Henzl

gameplay programmer / game designer

5+ years of experience with Unreal Engine 4. He has always been fascinated by the grey area where technology and art meets. He worked on various project involving real-time projections, VR experiences and Art installations.

Josef Hník

3D artist / level and environment designer

As a travelling photographer, he always had an eye for colors and lighting, eventually leading him to explore further skills and naturally became a 3D artist. His approach of world building is all about making it feels lively and natural.

Martin Klar

producer / investor

Martin is the producer of the Enigmatic Machines development team.
He is the founder and owner of the investment and trading company M.K.Invest Group


Enigmatic Machines LTD.
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Enigmatic Machines, s.r.o. El.Krásnohorské 11/133 Praha 1, Czech Republic

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tel: +420 723 758 051
email: hello@enigmaticmachines.com