Play as a totalitarian prisoner that has to escape from a working camp.

The gulags

are unknown working camps in extremely harsh condions, during Stalin’s cruel era.

Play as Karel

in this exploration based stealth video game where you have to get yourself out of a Siberian working camp. Trade, steal, craft, sneak, and survive the harsh conditions of this remote world.

You play for prisoners inside of a gulag, somewhere in Siberia. There barely any fences – you can’t run anywhere anyway without starving or freezing to death. The reason the camp is there quite typical for this govermental structure – to build an oversized monument in an area where a new city is supposed to be built. Or is it…? Is that the real reason? You will find out in the game.

You play for three characters that you can switch in between. You can appoint one to craft, one to explore, another to trade with other prisoners. You will be able to explore multiple locations, and discover what secrets they hold. This game works with rouge like gameplay, and controlled randomness, so the players will find out new lore each play through. Sometimes using stealth, sometimes pure exploration, and in some events a bit of puzzle elements, the game will try to keep the players interested in never ending variety. Using all of these, the player has to escape the Siberian harsh environemnt.