We are a development studio based in Prague. The company was founded thanks to the arrival of modern Virtual Reality and we decided to be a part of the new world, that comes with it.

Enigmatic Machines is a studio founded in 2014 in the heart of the city of thousand towers, Prague, and we are developing games, animations, and new media.

We are band of craftsmen that do everything by themselfes, ranging from concept, 3D, animations, audio, story, design. 


Enigmatic Machines


Actual Project


We are currently working on a game called The Owl Mountains.

The Owl Mountains, is a thriller atmosferic story, which happens during 1980’s, in the deep depression of communist regime in the eastern block of Europe. You play as a Czechoslovakian resident, that decides to disembark for an adventure into Owl Mountains, Poland.

This first person experience is created with attention to atmosphere and story telling, graphics, and not jump scares. The story comes from possibly real events and real locations, that are specifically put into sequence that will make your skin shiver.

Enigmatic Team


Welcome to a whole new dimension of perception, in the team enigmatic machines

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