We are Enigmatic Machines

A band of artists and engineers.

Our Skills

3D Modelling

We model 3D models into our projects, texture them, all in-house. From giant machines to small pencils.


We use photogrammetry (scanning of real life object to virtual environments) to create amazing visuals. Techniques like these are used for example in Battlefield 1.

Miniature real-life modelling

We have some great talented artists from AVU (Art University in Prague) that are on our team. Painters, sculptors, artists. We sometimes hand make something and scan it later into the virtual world.


We are able to animate a character which responds to the movement of the person in the VR environment. We have database of motion capture data that can be used at any time. We can animate pretty much any object – from windows in wind to a diesel engine.

VR Development

We program complex environments to our games and projects, so we can really create dynamic and lifelike world. Light bulb blinking, thunderstorms, or even a complex mini games so the viewer can interact deeply with the environment.

Dynamic Environment

We create an environment where the player can grab object, break them too, open different hidden areas, interact with cloth, etc.

Real-time projection mapping

Our objective in VR development

To create a real-time photorealistic / stylized environment, which will give out an ultimate wow effect for the end client and the viewer. With tools, combining analog and digital, that will give off a thick atmosphere. Our workflows enable us to create content that is incredibly fast to produce and render.

VR programs we use

We are using creative technologies and solutions in order to fulfill our client’s every need. Using the Unreal Engine game development platform allows us to create real-time content, that the client can change any time, therefore saving on render costs, and production time in general.

Custom solutions

We use combination of technologies to get the best quality possible, and we believe that it completely fits into your production pipeline. We concentrate on every detail – texture, camera work, postprocess effects, lighting setups and sound to generate the perfect atmosphere. We can iterate very quickly so last-minute changes are no problem.

Game development


Reclusa is an atmospheric mystery game with bits of horror & survival and crafting mechanics. We are working very hard on its development right now. You can check it out at www.reclusagame.com or on our Facebook page.


The Owl Mountain is a thriller atmosferic story set in vast underground complexes in 1980’s. Development of this game is on hold since we’re focusing on Reclusa right now. Still, you can check it out at www.theowlmountains.com or on our Facebook page.

Our clients

Contact us

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